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TLW ~ Basic English ~ Role Plays and Structures

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures                                                             Print Role Plays: .docx / .doc


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, in pairs, look up, talk about, and practice the role play vocabulary

2)   Then, fill in the blanks according to the topic (assisted by students, the teacher, and the internet)

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, practice the role plays you have created

4)   Next, try to make variations in your responses (remember role plays don¡¯t have to be true)

5)   Finally, perform your role play in front of the class with a partner or several partners

       (Challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues. Enjoy the process)

~ Contents ~ Basic Text Talk ~ Topic 8 ~ Neighborhood ~

Talk ~ Role Play


A) Where do you live?


B) I live in a house/an apartment in __________________________________ .


A) What kind of shops are there in your neighborhood?


B) There are/is ______________ , ______________ , and _______________ .


A) Which place in your neighborhood do you visit most often?


B) I often go to ________________________________________________ .


A) What do you do/buy there?


B) I ________________________________________________________ .


A) Do you know any of your neighbors?


B) Yes. One of them _____________________________________________ .


A) Is there anything that bothers you about your neighborhood?


B) Well, _____________________________________________________ .


A) Are there any festivals or events in the area where you live?


B) Yes. There is a/an _____________________________________________ .


A) Tell me about that.


B) Well, _____________________________________________________ .

Pre-Talk ~ Future (will): ~ Print: .docx /.doc


This form is used to talk about a promise, prediction, decision, or threat.

On the other hand, most native speakers aren¡¯t strict in its use¡¦


Future form one: Will + present verb


Used in making predictions or statements of fact.


Example questions:


Q1: Who will win the World Cup next time?

Q2: What will you buy the next time you go shopping?

Q3: Will you ever win the lottery? Why or why not?

Q4: When will your neighbor visit you?

Q5: What won¡¯t you do on your next birthday?

Q6: Who will have dinner with you this weekend?

Q7: Who will you meet for coffee the next time?

Q8: Will you ever buy a new car? Why or why not?

Q9: When will you travel abroad? Where will you go?

Q10: What won¡¯t you do ever again?


Extra: expressing uncertainty


I don¡¯t know, maybe I/they/we will/won¡¯t ________________ . 


Make some of your own questions using will (future) ¡¦