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TLW ~ Basic English ~ Role Plays and Structures

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures                                                             Print Role Plays: .docx / .doc


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, in pairs, look up, talk about, and practice the role play vocabulary

2)   Then, fill in the blanks according to the topic (assisted by students, the teacher, and the internet)

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, practice the role plays you have created

4)   Next, try to make variations in your responses (remember role plays don¡¯t have to be true)

5)   Finally, perform your role play in front of the class with a partner or several partners

       (Challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues. Enjoy the process)

~ Contents ~ Basic Text Talk ~ Topic 9 ~ Count and Non-count Nouns ~

Talk ~ Role Play


A) How many hours a week do you watch TV?


B) I guess I watch about ______________ hours a week.


A) How much time do you spend reading?


B) You mean newspapers, internet articles and the like?


A) I mean any kind of reading¡¦ per week.


B) Well, let me see, I read a little/some/quite a bit/a lot.


A) How much cooking do you do¡¦ per week?


B) I do a little/some/quite a bit/a lot of cooking.


A) How many recipes do you know how to make?


B1) I can¡¯t make anything.

B2) I can make ___________________________________ .


A) How much housework do you do¡¦ weekly?


B) Weekly? Well, __________________________________ .


A) How many dishes do you wash?


B1) I don¡¯t know¡¦ too many in my opinion.

B2) I don¡¯t know, but I enjoy washing dishes.


A) Tell me about other things you do at home.


B) Well, _____________________________________________________ .

Pre-Talk ~ Count and Non-count Nouns ~ Print: .docx /.doc

Count Nouns use...    (How many/are)               Non-count Nouns use...   (How much/is)


How many coins are (there) in the jar?              How much money is (there) in the bank?

How many minutes are (there) left?                   How much time is (there) on the clock?

How many cars are (there) in the lot?                How much traffic is (there) on the road?

How many people are (there) in the cafe?         How much of a crowd is (there)?     

How many coins are (there) in the jar?              How much money is (there) in the bank?


     There are¡¦                                                               There is¡¦


     almost none/a few/not many                               almost no.../hardly any/a little

     some                                                                          some

     quite a few/several                                                 quite a bit/plenty of

     many/lots of/a lot of                                              lots of/a lot of

     a large/a great number of                                     a large/huge amount of

     numerous                                                                 an enormous quantity of


     There aren¡¯t many¡¦                                               There isn¡¯t much...

     There aren¡¯t any...                                                   There isn¡¯t any¡¦



Q1: How many friends do you have? Do you want more? Why/why not?

Q2: How much time do you spend on the phone? For what reason?

Q3: How many people are there on the planet? Are there too many?

Q4: How much do you spend at restaurants each week?

Q5: How much do you spend on a date?

Q6: How many people visit your home each month? Who?

Q7: How much sleep do you need to feel well?

Q8: How much (cake) is too much for you?

Q9: How many people are there in your family? Who do you like best?

Q10: How many countries have you been to? What¡¯s your favorite?