How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures                                                             Print Role Plays: .docx / .doc


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, in pairs, look up, talk about, and practice the role play vocabulary

2)   Then, fill in the blanks according to the topic (assisted by students, the teacher, and the internet)

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, practice the role plays you have created

4)   Next, try to make variations in your responses (remember role plays donĄ¯t have to be true)

5)   Finally, perform your role play in front of the class with a partner or several partners

       (Challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues. Enjoy the process)

~ Contents ~ Basic Text Talk ~ Topic 20 ~ Complaining and Praising ~

Talk ~ Role Play


A) What donĄ¯t you like about television?


B1) LetĄ¯s see, there are too many __________ and not enough ___________ .

B2) I love TV. There is nothing I donĄ¯t like about it.


A) Can you be specific?


B) Well, ________________________________________________ .


A) What do you like about your neighborhood?


B1) Well, many things. I like _____________ but I donĄ¯t care for __________ .

B2) Not much. I want to move because _____________________________ .


A) Who is one of your role models?


B1) One of my role models is _____________ .

B2) I donĄ¯t have any role models.


A1) Who is it? Why do you like them?

A2) Why not? DoesnĄ¯t everyone look up to someone?


B1) ___________________________________________________ .

B2) IĄ¯m not sure, maybe ___________________________________ .


A) What donĄ¯t you like about the world today?


B) You mean current events?


A) Yes, exactly.


B) Well, _________________________________________________ .


A) What can we do about it?


B1) I think we can ________________________________________ .

B2) Nothing. It is what it is.



B) Well, IĄ¯ve always enjoyed ____________________________________ .


A Do you have a favorite movie or actor?


B) Let me see... I ____________________________________________ .

TLW ~ Basic English ~ Role Plays and Structures

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Pre-Talk ~ Too and Enough ~ Print: .docx /.doc


1) Too much/many = more than you or others like

a) I drink too much (wine). They buy too many (lottery tickets).

b) She drinks too much (wine). He buys to many (lottery tickets).


2) Enough = what you like or what others like

a) I have enough (money). They have enough (apples).

b) She has enough (money). He has enough (apples).


3) Not too much/many = less than you think or less than others think

a) I donĄ¯t have much time. They donĄ¯t have many meetings

b) She doesnĄ¯t have much time. He doesnĄ¯t have many meetings.


4) Not enough = less than you think or less than others think

a) I donĄ¯t have enough will. They donĄ¯t have enough common sense.

b) She doesnĄ¯t have enough inspiration. He doesnĄ¯t have enough intelligence.


Example questions:


Q1: Do you ever drink too much wine? WhatĄ¯s the result?

Q2: Do you eat enough breakfast everyday? Why/Why not?

Q3: When donĄ¯t you have enough time to meet friends? Why?

Q4: What do you do when there isnĄ¯t much on TV? 

Q5: Where is there enough good weather to retire?

Q6: Do you ever eat too much? Where? Why?

Q7: Do you have enough nutrition everyday? Explain.

Q8: When donĄ¯t you have enough patience with people? Tell a story. 

Q9: What do you do when there isnĄ¯t any food in the fridge? 

Q10: Do you have enough money to retire? Why/Why not?


Make some of your own questions using this formĄĻ