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TLW Lesson Suggestions   Manners of Speaking
 and Active Communication

Suggestion One:  Beginning of Class


Ask your students as a group if any of them would like to share a story

from the previous day/week including the following:


A) A family trip or gathering (weekend/one-day)


B) A restaurant or shopping experience (recommend a place)


C) A trip abroad (tell your story/interact with other students/Q and A format)


D) Other (personal story/something in the news/classroom issues)


Suggestion Two: Class Routine


Follow the curriculum and assigned topics from the book (printable) or website:


A) Use random selection (numbers/playing cards/class list)


B) Allow students to choose their own question/questions


C) Give each student enough time to express their ideas in full (no time limits)


D) Encourage interaction as students take turns:

      1) Assign a question-maker to each turn-taker

      2) Advise students to raise hands when they think of a question

      3) Use random selection to prompt students to make questions


Suggestion Three: General


Anyone can ask a question, give an opinion, or share an experience at any time.


If you feel you have less talking time than other students

you can prepare questions related to the assigned topic

ahead of class by making notes in your book/notebook.


Support each other and interact freely





Further Reading:


1) Beyond the Plateau: From Intermediate to Advanced Levels in Language Learning

    Jack C. Richards   Cambridge University Press 2008


~ This article explores the problem of ˇ°fossilizationˇ± or ˇ°feeling stuckˇ±

as the difficulty of improving your level of language at certain stages in your development.