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1) Are there many homeless or displaced people where you live? Do you know them?

Remarkably, there are very few here. Asian societies tend to take care of their own.

But the global trend is that there are more refugees/homeless folk in all of history.


2) Are there many suicides in your country? If so, why is this a problem? Solutions?

Yes, but for many different reasons. In the West, suicides are often the result of opioid

addiction and gun violence. In the East, it¡¯s attributed to loss of face, loss of wealth.


3) Are there nursing homes in your country? How are your elderly treated? Tell.

Yes. Hospices and elderly care facilities are available. They are usually very helpful.

The problem is that many elderly folk can¡¯t afford them. Where can they go?


4) How are minorities (immigrants/religious groups) treated in your country? Explain.

Not well. We live in a homogenous and a bit of a xenophobic culture. More and more

countries are tending to be culturally isolated. New arrivals are seen as threatening.


5) Have you ever been a volunteer? Describe your experience. How does it help you?

Yes. I was a volunteer at a food kitchen. I moved to a new city and didn¡¯t know many

people. I was a cook, so I figured I had something to share. It was the right thing to do.


6) Have you ever experienced discrimination or prejudice? Describe your experience.

Yes. But who hasn¡¯t? We have extremely good technology, but our intelligence has not

caught up. At a convenience store, the ignored me and checked out the others first.


7) What is the most serious problem in the world today? Why do you think so?

Probably pollution. A close second is populism. Global climate change is now a fact.

Populism is harder to prove, but any population can be deceived by corrupt leaders.


8) What types of pollution are the most harmful for our environment? Explain.

Believe it or not, animals (cows especially, pigs, goats, and others) contribute

excessively to C02 emissions. Some studies suggest as much as 18 percent.


9) Describe the USA/American fascination with guns. How did this come about?

Can we blame the Revolutionary War? The Constitution (¡°right to bear arms¡±)

or other conflicts (civil war). Perhaps firearms make the weak feel powerful.


10) What should the democratic world do to prevent powers from threatening peace?

The UN is the most representative organization of our time. When leaders challenge

this  institution, there is a sense that they are covering for misdeeds or crimes.



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~ Topic 19 ~ Social Problems ~ fOOD For thouGHT ~ Internet ~


A social issue is a problem that influences a large number of individuals within a society.

A social issue has many categories in depth as well as light. It's a common problem we see

happening in our society.


It is often the consequence of factors extending beyond an individual's control, and is the source

of a conflicting opinion on the grounds of what is perceived as morally correct or incorrect

personal life or social life.


Social issues are distinguished from economic issues; however, some issues

(such as immigration) have both social and economic aspects.


There are also issues that don't fall into either category, such as warfare.











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