Plays and Poetry


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1) Read the given excerpts and the related texts together in groups or as a class

2) Clarify meaning in groups or as a class. Student/Teacher reads. Student summarizes

3) In pairs or in groups, discuss the textual content and quotations

4) In pairs or in groups, discuss the conversation questions (include your own questions)

5) As a class, take turns using the conversation questions to expand your ideas

Novels 106 ~ The Giver ~ Lois Lowry ~ Click here for Audio and Text ~

~ TLW ~ The Readers Club ~ Read, Learn, Discuss ~

Courtesy of  Spark notes 

It was against the rules for children or adults to look at another¡¯s nakedness; but the rule did not apply to new children or the Old. Jonas was glad. . . . He couldn¡¯t see why it was necessary. He liked the feeling of safety here in this warm and quiet room; he liked the expression of trust on the woman¡¯s face as she lay in the water unprotected, exposed, and free.

–Lowis Lowry, The Giver

¡°We failed in our last selection,¡± the Chief Elder said solemnly. ¡°It was ten years ago, when Jonas was just a toddler. I will not dwell on the experience because it causes us all terrible discomfort.¡±

–Lowis Lowry, The Giver

We really have to protect people from wrong choices.

–Lowis Lowry, The Giver

¡°There¡¯s nothing we can do. It¡¯s always been this way. Before me, before you, before the ones who came before you. Back and back and back.¡±

–Lowis Lowry, The Giver

He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo.

–Lowis Lowry, The Giver

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General Conversation Questions ~


Group A

1) The author¡¯s father acquired loss of long-term memory. How has this influenced her novel? Discuss.

2) The leaders in the novel attempt to remove the pain of citizens. How do they do it? Does it succeed?

3) What is the result? How does ¡°the Giver¡± represent collective memory. Describe the process.

4) What is the ¡°process of maturation¡±? This novel focuses on adolescents. Why do you think so?

5) What is the relationship between members in the community? Is this something we do today?


Group B


1) The citizens are required to take pills. As a side note, discuss drugs/medicine in your society. 

2) In the novel, 1984, "Newspeak" is an attempt to limit communication. Is there a comparison here?

3) How would your community react to strict government controls? Would you oppose? Explain.

4) Do you think every novel should have a ¡°good¡± ending? What is a good ending? Describe.

5) What is the relationship between pain and pleasure? Is it possible to live well by avoiding pain?


Challenge: Make your own follow-up questions and discuss them.