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1) Read the novel excerpts and the related texts together in groups or as a class

2) Clarify meaning in groups or as a class. Student/Teacher reads. Student summarizes

3) In pairs or in groups, discuss the textual content and quotations

4) In pairs or in groups, discuss the conversation questions (include your own questions)

5) As a class, take turns using the conversation questions to expand your ideas

Novels 108 ~ The Kite Runner ~ Khaled Hosseini ~

Courtesy of  Spark notes

That was a long time ago, but itĄŻs wrong what they say about the past, IĄŻve learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out. Looking back now, I realize I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the last twenty-six years.

-Khaled Hosseini , The Kite Runner

 A boy who wonĄŻt stand up for himself becomes a man who canĄŻt stand up to anything. 

-Khaled Hosseini , The Kite Runner



Huddled together in the dining room and waiting for the sun to rise, none of us had any notion that a way of life had ended.

-Khaled Hosseini , The Kite Runner


I actually aspired to cowardice, because the alternative, the real reason I was running, was that Assef was right: Nothing was free in this world. Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba.

-Khaled Hosseini , The Kite Runner


My body was broken—just how badly I wouldnĄŻt find out until later—but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed.

-Khaled Hosseini , The Kite Runner



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~ General Conversation Questions ~


Group A


1) What is your impression of the recent history regarding the Middle East? Discuss.

2) AmirĄŻs mother died giving birth to him. He is shadowed by guilt. Discuss.

3) Another theme is the father and son relationship. Talk about this relationship in your country.

4) Politics can change life events. Do you have a story? Tell. Discuss the historical context.

5) There is a lot of violence in this story. Do you find it disturbing? Explain.


Group B


1) Should Western countries take military action in the Middle East? Discuss.

2) Hard line groups such as the Taliban and ISIS are hostile. What is the nature of this hostility?

3) Describe the notion of  "jihad". Does this idea have any legitimacy. Explain.

4) Women in the Islam have been described as weak. Is it truthful to see them this way? Discuss.

5) How do Islamic mothers and daughters interact? What is their status quo in such cultures? 


Challenge: Make your own follow-up questions and discuss them.




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