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Mother threatens to disown daughter over cosmetic surgery ~ Adapted from The Telegraph


A Chinese woman's obsession with looking like a famous actress has gone so far her mother went on television to threaten to disown her. Yu Ning has been striving to look like Fan Bingbing and claims to have spent 800,000 yuan in just two years on cosmetic surgery.


She has had 20 procedures in order to look like the actress, and her mother said her face is now unrecognizable. "Every time I see her, she looks different," she said. "I can hardly recognize her even though I'm her mother." According to Chinese media reports, the 61-year-old mother is distraught by her daughter's choice to completely change her face.


She agreed to appear on a popular Chinese talk show aired by Dragon TV. The talk show aired an emotional confrontation between the daughter and her mother. She tearfully told the talk show host and live audience how she barely recognizes her daughter now, and that relatives are starting to compare Yu's looks to a "monster."


Yu Ning runs a clothing business in China, and said she aspires to look like Fan Bingbing, who is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She admitted she started the procedures in China, but has had others done in Seoul, which is widely considered to be the mecca for plastic surgery.


Yu Ning said she was 'heartbroken' by her mother's comments, but still wants to continue getting surgeries. "My new plan this year is to have a height-lengthening surgery," she told the talk show host. The surgery procedure requires a lengthy healing period as it will require a surgeon to break the shin bones to insert implants.


The plastic surgery addict appeared to be smiling even as her mother cried. This, however, is perhaps due to the fact she claims she is now unable to control her facial expressions due to plastic surgery.


Group A

1) Who do you think is the most beautiful person in your country? Have they had surgery?

2) Does beauty affect one's success in life? Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?

3) Is it better to be physically attractive or wealthy? Is beauty related to power? Explain.

4) Can you think of anyone who is in a position of power that is not physically attractive?

5) Do know anyone who spends too much (or too little) time and money on beauty?


Group B

1) Do you think cosmetic surgery is a reasonable way to enhance people's looks? Explain.

2) What is the minimum (or maximum) age for someone to have plastic surgery? Explain.       

3) How popular is plastic surgery in your country? What is the most popular type of surgery?

4) Do you think it's necessary for celebrities to have plastic surgery in order to be successful?

5) Do you think self-esteem affects beauty? Do you think beauty affects self-esteem? How?


Group C

1 What does the proverb, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," mean to you?

2) What is your opinion of beauty pageants? Should children be entered into beauty pageants?

3) Are there any drawbacks to be seen as exceptionally beautiful? If so, explain.

4) What techniques can you think of that may help an addicted gambler quit? Explain.

5) Do you have a tattoo? Would you ever get a tattoo? How many tattoos are too many?







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cut a dash ~ If a person cuts a dash, they make a striking impression by their appearance and attractive clothes.
Wearing his uniform, my grandfather cut a dash on his wedding day.


deck out ~ If you deck out someone or something, you dress or decorate them in a special way.
Paul decked out his car for the occasion.

dressed to kill ~ When someone, especially a woman, is dressed to kill, they are wearing very fashionable or glamorous clothes intended to attract attention.
She arrived at the reception dressed to kill.


face only a mother could love ~ This is a humoristic way of saying that someone is ugly or unattractive.
The poor guy has a face only a mother could love.

not a hair out of place ~ To say that someone does not have a hair out of place means that their appearance is perfect.
Angela is always impeccably dressed - never a hair out of place!


vertically challenged ~ This term is a humoristic way of referring to someone who is not very tall.
High shelves are difficult for vertically challenged shoppers.

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