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~ Discuss with a teacher, in pairs, or in groups ~ Then share your results in a classroom discussion ~

1) To begin with, in groups or in pairs, select the questions you¡¯d like to talk about. 

2) Then, in pairs or in groups, ask questions and share ideas in your conversations .

3) Finally, share your ideas (as a whole) in a classroom discussion (with all pairs/groups).


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~ Topic Discussion ~ 108 ~ Technology: Is it Really Smart? ~

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Technology ( Greek  ¡°techne¡± art, skill, cunning of hand and ¡°logia¡± the study of ) 


Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of toolsmachines, techniques, craftssystems, and methods of organization, to solve a problem, improve an existing solution to a problem, achieve a goal, or perform a specific function.


Technology also refers to the use of tools—including machinery, computers, software, and intelligence—in the implementation of services to human beings and/or nature. Technology challenges the ability of humans to control and adapt to nature.


Many issues can be discussed in conversations on this subject. Early technology provided the nutrition that allowed us to thrive and grow into our present state of being. From hunting and gathering to food processing, humankind has evolved, in a large part, due to keeping well-nourished and healthy. Present technology refers mainly to computing, biotechnology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and space.



~ Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ~ Movie Trailer ~ Steven Spielberg ~

108Set ~ 2 ~

1) What do you think artificial intelligence is? How is artificial intelligence different from human intelligence?

2) What are supercomputers used for? Do you think they are potentially dangerous? Why or why not?

3) Is humankind too reliant on computers and technology? What are the possible consequences? Explain

4) Is technology nowadays really smart? Will machines be able to think like humans in the future? Explain.

5) Were civilizations better off in the past without high technology or is the world better off with it? Explain.

6) What is your favorite science fiction book or movie? What makes it appealing to you? Is it technology? Tell.


Follow up ~ Try to make some of your own questions regarding technology.

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108Set ~ 1 ~

1) What ways has technology influenced humankind in a positive manner? In a negative manner?

2) What do you think drives human beings to create and innovate at such an amazing pace?

3) What do you think humankind¡¯s greatest technological achievements are throughout the ages? Why?

4) Are technology and nature compatible? Can they exist without conflict? If so, how? If not, why?

5) What is meant by the quote: ¡°Smartphones: Transforming Society into a Sea of Stupid ¡°? Explain.

6) What kinds of technology do people in your culture use? How do they help or harm them? Talk about it.

7) Do you think the constant use of computers and smart phones can affect memory, attention, or sleep? How?

8) Do you know anyone who is addicted to their computer or smart phone? What makes them dependent?

9) Discuss the following: biotechnology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, renewable energy, space, or food .

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