~ Topic Discussion ~ 109 ~ Old Age, Health, and Longevity ~

109Set ~ 1

1) Talk about the documentary above. What impressions do you have? Is the video credible? Explain.

2) In your society, who are the elderly Describe them. How do younger people treat them?

3) How much influence do the elderly have within your community? Explain.

4) Are the elderly in modern times more (or less) respected than in past generations? Explain.

5) What are the positive/negative influences of the older folk in your community? Give examples.


109Set ~ 2

1) Are you worried about getting old? Why or why not? Describe how you want to be in old age.

2) What health benefits can keep you living longer? Do you have any advice for people desiring longevity?

3) Would you consider having cosmetic surgery to look younger? Why or why not?

4) Do you want to be a centenarian?  Why or why not? At what age would you consider yourself ¡°old¡± Explain.

5) How do you want to be remembered? Do you have a bucket list? Where do you want to spend your last days?


Follow up ~ Try to make some of your own questions regarding aging and/or old age.

Chronological age referring to "old age" varies culturally and historically. Thus, old age is a social construct rather than a definite biological stage. Old age comprises the later part of life, the period of life after youth and middle age... usually with reference to deterioration. But that need not so. Many older people become happier and more productive as they age.


Americans, age 18+, found that they hold very different definitions of old age. Respondents under 30 said that the considered old age to begin at 60, but respondents 65+ said old age begins at around 74.

One young writer noticed the change that age had on his parents: ¡°They move slowly, they have less    

strength, they repeat stories, their minds wander, and they fret.¡± Yet that definition could also describe a teenager.


109Set ~ 3

1) How does your culture view or respond to people of old age? Could it improve? How?

2) Why do younger people see older people as so different from them? Are they worried about becoming old?

3) Do you think old age and the lack of mobility (ability to walk) could make a person depressed? Explain.

4) What kind of communities can the elderly join in your country? Can they meet each other easily? Explain.

5) What could you gain from meeting people from the previous generation? Have you considered it? Explain.


Follow up ~ Try to make some of your own questions regarding chronological age.

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2) Then, in pairs or in groups, ask questions and share ideas in your conversations .

3) Finally, share your ideas (as a whole) in a classroom discussion (with all pairs/groups).


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