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Romance is the pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with love. It seems to be beyond definition, though we see it in all aspects of life as we know it.


Romance usually implies an expression of one's strong emotional desire to connect with another person intimately. One-sided love is known as ¡°unrequited love¡±. In the case of mutual love, partners often call themselves ¡°soulmates¡±. Romance may also be confused with ¡°lust¡±.


Historically, the term "romance" originates with the medieval ideal of chivalry as set out in the literature of the day (chivalric romance). See Don Quixote.

110Set ~ 1

1) Talk about chivalry? Discuss the general idea of this concept. Is modern society affected by these notions?

2) What do you think are some positive and negative aspects of romance? Is romance real or just a fantasy?

3) Which, in your mind, is the ideal marriage partnering: match-making or romance? Why?

4) What is the role of romance before the time of engagement or marriage? What is a ¡°runaway bride¡±. Explain.

5) Why are humans compelled to have children? Is it possible for a couple without children to be happy?

6) Who were Casanova and Don Giovanni? How do they relate to the history of romance or women¡¯s liberation?


110Set ~ 2

1) Do you think match-making can lead to a successful marriage? Under what conditions? Explain.

2) Do you think romantic love can lead to a lasting relationship? Under what conditions? Explain.

3) What role does social media play in romance and dating in today¡¯s world? Do you use social media? Explain.

4) Can you speculate on the future of romantic love considering technology and social media? Talk about it.

5) Considering the over-population of the planet and the lack of resources, is marriage/family the best option?


110Set ~ 3

1) What is ¡°unrequited love¡±? Have you ever had such an experience? Please describe it? How did it end?

2) Do you think unrequited love can lead to knowledge? Under what conditions? Explain.

3) Can social media be connected to unrequited love? What happens when your date fails/bails on you? Explain.

4) Do you believe in romance? In the end, can romance be a positive influence as couples age/get older? How?

5) Do you think the plays ¡°Romeo and Juliet¡± or ¡°Othello¡± have anything to teach us about love? Explain.


Follow up ~ Try to make some of your own questions regarding romance and/or unrequited love.

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