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A) How is the taxi service in your country?


B1) I have to say, ití»s pretty bad.

B2) It depends on the driver.

B3) Overall, I caní»t complain.


A) What do you mean by that?


B) Well, __________________________________________________________________ . 


A) How often do you take a taxiíŽ in your country, of course?


B1) About (once/twice/three times) a (week/month/year).

B2) I never use taxis.


A) How about in other countries? Have you ever taken a taxi while travelling?


B) Yes, a few times.


A) Tell me one of your experiences.


B) It was in ___________ . I was on holiday. It was raining, and I needed a taxi to get back to my hotel.


A) Did you have a difficult time?


B1) No. The driver spoke ______________ and didní»t overcharge me. She was very kind.

B2) Yes. The driver had a bad temper. I doní»t think he liked foreigners. Perhaps I was overcharged.


A) But how was the trip overall?


B) Really good. We went to ______________________ and ate _________________________ .                                              


How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures                                                             Print Role Plays: .docx / .doc


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, in pairs, look up, talk about, and practice the role play vocabulary

2)   Then, fill in the blanks according to the topic (assisted by students, the teacher, and the internet)

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, practice the role plays you have created

4)   Next, try to make variations in your responses (remember role plays doní»t have to be true)

5)   Finally, perform your role play in front of the class with a partner or several partners

       (Challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues. Enjoy the process)

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Recommended Books

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