Section Three: Question and Answer ~ Print Q and A: .docx /.doc


~ Match the questions with the answers below:


1) What crime happens too often in your country? Where? Why?


2) What is cybercrime? What kind of people commit it? Tell.


3) What is identity theft? Do you know victims of this crime? Tell.


4) What kind of people commit crimes? Why? Explain.


5) Does your culture have ways to reduce crime? Tell.


6) Do you ever watch crime shows on TV? Which ones? Why?


7) What¡¯s the difference between a crime and a conflict? Explain.


~ Match the BEST answers with the questions above:


A) Our family likes to watch CSI together¡¦ but it¡¯s violent.


B) They must be troubled. It might be the family upbringing.


C) Crimes involving cars are the worst. Too many cars.


D) There is education, but the burden is on the parents.


E) I think it must be using the internet to hurt or steal.


F) Perhaps one is illegal and the other is tolerated.


G) Maybe trying to be someone else for financial gain.


Now: In pairs, groups, or as a class, answer the questions above according to your own experience


Next: Make your own questions related to the topic, vocabulary, or structure presented



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TLW ~ Basic English ~ Vocabulary for Speaking




~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 4 ~ Crime and Punishment ~

Section One: Structure ~ ¡°Too¡± ~ Print (Sections 1 and 2): .docx /.doc


1) too + many/much

Q) Who has too much time on their hands?

A) I suppose teenagers and pensioners do.


2) too + adjective/adverb

Q) What is too noisy for you to endure?

A) Car horns and construction sites are.


Example questions:


1) Are there too many noisy people near your home? Tell.

2) What place is (not) too far to travel on a day trip? Explain.

3) Do you think there are too many ads around your apartment? Explain.

4) When are you (not) too busy to meet friends? Tell. Why or Why not?

5) What makes you too uncomfortable? Why do you think so?

6) Do you think fast food is too unhealthy? Explain.

7) Is the ambiance in buffet restaurants too clamorous? Tell.

8) What country do you think is too difficult to visit? Why?

9) Who spends too much time relaxing at home? Tell. How do you know?

10) What food is too difficult to cook at home? Explain.

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, look up, talk about, and introduce the structure

2)   Then, create new questions together using structure and vocabulary. Consult vocabulary list

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, match the questions and answers in the third section

4)   Next, select and answer any of the questions in your own way from your own experience

5)   Include as many students as possible and endeavor to create a discussion based on the Q and A

       (Challenge yourself by creating your own questions with the given vocabulary and structure)

Section Two: Vocabulary ~ Crime and Punishment ~

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