How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, look up, talk about, and introduce the structure

2)   Then, create new questions together using structure and vocabulary. Consult vocabulary list

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, match the questions and answers in the third section

4)   Next, select and answer any of the questions in your own way from your own experience

5)   Include as many students as possible and endeavor to create a discussion based on the Q and A

       (Challenge yourself by creating your own questions with the given vocabulary and structure)

~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 8 ~ Clothing ~

Section Three: Question and Answer ~ Print Q and A: .docx /.doc


~ Match the questions with the answers below:


1) Do you ever wear a cardigan or a sweater? What do they look like?


2) Do you ever work out? What do you wear? What do you do?


3) Do you ever wear trousers or jeans? How often?


4) Whats the weather like in winter in your country? What do you wear?


5) Whats the weather like in summer in your country? What do you wear?


6) Who wears overalls? Do you have a pair? Are they fashionable? Why/Why not?


7) What is the most fashionable clothing you have? Describe it. When do you wear it?


~ Match the BEST answers with the questions above:


A) Farmers, mechanics, and gardeners wear them. Yes, they look good on some people.


B) Its painfully hot and humid. I wear light loose shirts and Bermuda shorts.


C) All the time. They are easy to wash and can last several years.


D) Well, I have a vintage Armani suit that I wear to concerts.


E) Every day. I wear spandex pants and a t-shirt.


F) Yes I do. One of them is cashmere with pearl buttons.


G) Its not that bad. Its a bit chilly, but never snows. I wear a leather jacket.


Now: In pairs, groups, or as a class, answer the questions above according to your own experience


Next: Make your own questions related to the topic, vocabulary, or structure presented



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TLW ~ Basic English ~ Vocabulary for Speaking




Section One: Structure ~ Adverbs of Frequency ~ Print (Sections 1 and 2): .docx /.doc


Simple Question Form 1: (Do/Does) + Pronoun/Noun + "Ever" + Present Verb + Object

Example: Does your brother/sister/friend ever play badminton?

Simple Question Form 2: (Is/Are) + Pronoun/Noun + "Ever" + Object

Example: Is your husband/wife/mom/dad ever home for dinner?


Simple Answer Form 1: Yes/No/X + Pronoun/Noun + Adverb + Verb + Object

Example: She seldom plays badminton.   

Simple Answer Form 2: Yes/No/X + Pronoun/Noun + am/is/are + Object   

Example: Yes, he is often home for dinner.


1) No, I never _________________________________ .  (0%)

2) I rarely ____________________________________ .  (1 to 10%)

3) I seldom _________________________________ . (10 to 15%)

4) Yes, I occasionally ___________________________ . (15 to 30%)

5) Yes, I sometimes ______________________________ . (30 to 55%)

6) Yes, I usually _________________________________ . (55% to 75%)

7) Yes, I often __________________________________ . (75 to 85%)

8) Yes, I frequently _______________________________ . (85 to 95%)

9) Yes, I always ___________________________________ . (95 to 100%)


Example questions:


1) Are you ever late for an appointment with a friend? Tell. 

2) Is your friend ever late when meeting you? Tell.

3) Do you ever get into arguments with anyone? Who? Tell. 

4) Do you ever buy gifts for anyone? Who? Tell. 

5) Are you ever afraid when you are walking alone? When?

6) Is your friend ever rude to other people? If so, what do you say? 

7) Does your family ever make you upset? Tell.

8) Do you ever make your family upset? Tell. 

9) Are you ever surprised by the news on TV? Why or why not? 

10) Are you ever bored when you are with someone? Tell.


Section Two: Vocabulary ~ Clothing ~

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