Section Three: Question and Answer ~ Print Q and A: .docx /.doc


~ Match the questions with the answers below:


1) Do you ever eat fast food in the morning? Why or why not?


2) What is hot pot?


3) What is shabu shabu?


4) What kind of restaurant do you usually go to? Why?


5) Does your culture have places with table top cooking? Tell.


6) Do you ever go on picnics? Who with? When? Where?


7) What¡¯s the difference between a pub and a gastro pub?


~ Match the BEST answers with the questions above:


A) We like casual dining, so usually the The Cheesecake Factory.


B) Yes. In Korea, it is common to cook our meat and vegetables ourselves.


C) I guess the former is an older style, and the latter is new.


D) They give you a pot of (usually) spicy broth. Then we cook everything in it.


E) Of course. Doesn¡¯t everyone? But perhaps not in the desert?


F) I¡¯m afraid so. I often have fish balls on a stick. No time.


G) They put a pot of hot broth on your table. You dip fresh meat or fish in it.


Now: In pairs, groups, or as a class, answer the questions above according to your own experience


Next: Make your own questions related to the topic, vocabulary, or structure presented



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TLW ~ Basic English ~ Vocabulary for Speaking




~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 9 ~ Eating Out ~

Section One: Structure ~ ¡°Enough¡± ~ Print (Sections 1 and 2): .docx /.doc


1) enough + noun

Q) Who has enough time to go out for lunch?

A) We all have enough time if we go to a fast casual place.


2) adjective/adverb + enough

Q) Who is rich enough to buy the champagne?

A) No one here is rich enough to buy Dom Pérignon.


Example questions:


1) Are there enough fast food restaurants near your home? Tell.

2) Do you have enough money to eat at a five-star hotel? How often?

3) Do you think food trucks are clean enough to be safe? Explain.

4) Are there enough ethnic restaurants in your vicinity?

5) Do you think your family eats out often enough? What makes you think so?

6) Do you think fast casual is good enough for a first date? Explain.

7) Is the ambiance quiet enough for you at a casual dining spot? Tell.

8) Who would you want to have dinner with on your birthday? Why?

9) Do you think you spend enough time relaxing when you eat out? Tell.

10) Are there enough good places near you to eat out every day? Explain

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, look up, talk about, and introduce the structure

2)   Then, create new questions together using structure and vocabulary. Consult vocabulary list

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, match the questions and answers in the third section

4)   Next, select and answer any of the questions in your own way from your own experience

5)   Include as many students as possible and endeavor to create a discussion based on the Q and A

       (Challenge yourself by creating your own questions with the given vocabulary and structure)

Section Two: Vocabulary ~ Eating Out ~

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