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Objective: Curriculum Development Project/Employment ~ English Teaching Position




~        1994/5        Academies and Private Tutoring        Busan and Seoul        English Teacher

•         Taught young learners, teens and adults

•         Worked flexible hours, 6 days a week

•         Made materials for classes


~        1996        Berlitz International        Bangkok, Thailand         English Teacher

•         Was trained using a wide variety of materials

•         Took part in teacher¡¯s meetings

•         Used computer assisted language learning programs


~        1996-2001       Berlitz International           Tokyo, Japan         English Teacher

•         Taught over 12,000 lessons

•         Taught students of all ages and backgrounds

•         Organized student activities

•         Developed a course for TOEFL students


~        2002-present        Academies, Private Tutoring, and Curriculum Development      

                                           Busan, Korea       English Teacher and Private Consultant

 •       Presently teaching over 150 students

 •       Developing curricula for small and large classes and online English resources

 •       Teaching a variety of groups, and individuals with specific needs

 •       Promoting my own website: eslenglishclassroom.com and lang-works.com 

        Have developed and taught a 120-hour TESOL course for Korean teachers in Busan



~ University of Wisconsin—Madison

•         Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

•         Specialized in English writing


~ Payap University—Chiang Mai, Thailand— Completed two semesters in the MA TEFL program

•         Developed teaching materials and textbook

•         Made presentations on academic issues regarding TESL/TEFL

•         Conducted research on learning styles and multiple intelligences

•         Studied various teaching methods and forms of assessment


~ Anaheim University—Anaheim, California— Graduated with an MA in TESOL (Spring 2013)

•         Continuing to develop curricula for English learners (eslenglishclassroom.com/lang-works.com)

•         Researched young learner classroom/computer interaction in conjunction with a thesis

•         Thesis: ¡°Triadic Interaction¡¦¡± published with Asian EFL Journal (Spring 2013)

•         Have written papers on TEFL/TESOL assisted by Anaheim University (click here)


References will be provided upon request ~ Thanks for taking the time ~ Hope to hear from you.


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