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~ TLW Online English Zoom Classes

             Learn English Online with an Experienced Teaching Professional


~ Hi. My name is Spencer Brockley and I am available for online English classes ~


1) Activities for Young Learners: eslenglishclassroom.com

2) Curriculum for Teens and Adults: lang-works.com


I have been teaching English and creating lesson content for over 15 years.

Click here for my resume: Spencer Brockley. Then let’s meet online.


Follow the instructions below if you would like to make a lesson schedule

or if you would like an introduction.


1) Watch the video on how to sign up for Zoom (our teaching software platform).


2) Take some time to explore Zoom, just as you would in any real classroom space.


3) E-mail me at engplace@yahoo.com and I will contact you.


4) We will set up a short meeting to discuss level, needs, scheduling, and payment.


Let’s get started: How to make lessons ~




1) Payment must be made at least one business day before lessons.


2) One lesson = 60 minutes


A) One hour a week = 30 dollars per lesson


B) Two or more hours a week = 25 dollars per lesson


3)  The maximum number of students is 4.


4) Payment can be sent to: engplace@yahoo.com ~ Use your choice of accounts.


5) We are always available at: engplace@yahoo.com


Free websites:


 1) lang-works.com (curriculums for adults and teens)


 2) eslenglishclassroom.com (a curriculum for young learners)