~ How to Make a Lesson ~ 


1) In the first section, fill in the blanks, then practice your role plays on your own.


2) Then, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, perform the role plays you have created.


3) After that, perform your role play in class with a partner/several partners.


4) Finally, challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues.


5) In the second section, briefly discuss the form as a class. Avoid over-analysis.


6) Select two questions from the list. Practice with a partner, then in front of the class.


7) You may wish to discuss the form (section two) before the role play (section one).



Section One ~ Basic-Talk 104 ~ House and Home ~ Role Play Practice ~


A) Do you live in an apartment or a house?


B) ________________________________________.


A) When did you move there?


B) I moved there___________________________________________.

(No. I was born there/We moved when I was 7/We moved there__ years ago.)


A) Tell me about your home.


B) There are_____rooms: __________________________________



A) Tell me about your ________________ (choose: living room/kitchen/etc.).


B) Well, my______________________________________________.


A) Do you have any plants in your home?


B) _____________________________________________________.

 (No. I don't have any plants/Yes. I have a few/Yes. I really like plants. I have...)


A) How about artwork like paintings or small sculptures like knick-knacks?


B) ___________________________________________________.

 (I don't have any paintings/I have some photos/I really like art. I have…)






"Artwork" includes such formats as painting, drawing, crafts, ceramics, sculpture,

photography, video, calligraphy, design, printmaking, ikebana, and furniture.



Section Two ~ Form-Talk 104 ~ Gerunds ~ Dialogue Practice ~


A gerund is a noun made from a basic verb by adding "-ing."

When it follows an actual verb, you make the structures below.


Example questions: verb (green) + gerund (purple)


Q1: Who do you enjoy meeting in the afternoon? What for?

Q2: What do you like/dislike eating in the morning? Why?

Q3: Where do you avoid going on holidays? Why?

Q4: How often do you postpone cleaning at home?

Q5: What do you waste time doing as a habit?

Q6: Which programs do you like/dislike watching on TV?

Q7: Where do you like/dislike dining out? Why?

Q8: What do you imagine doing in the next few months?

Q9: Who do you spend time hanging out with? What do you do?

Q10: What do you recall doing in high school/at university?


Make some of your own questions using the same form.





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