~ How to Make a Lesson ~ 


1) In the first section, fill in the blanks, then practice your role plays on your own.


2) Then, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, perform the role plays you have created.


3) After that, perform your role play in class with a partner/several partners.


4) Finally, challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues.


5) In the second section, briefly discuss the form as a class. Avoid over-analysis.


6) Select two questions from the list. Practice with a partner, then in front of the class.


7) You may wish to discuss the form (section two) before the role play (section one).

The Language Works ~ Basic English ~ Lesson 5

Section One ~ Basic-Talk 105 ~ Friends ~ Role Play Practice ~


A) What is one of your friend's names?


B) Her/His name is_____________________________.


A) When did you first meet? I mean, the very first time you met.


B) __________________________________________________.

(We met in elementary school/We met at university/We met at work.)


A) What did you do at that time? I mean, the first few months or so.


B) ____________________________________________________.

(We just hung out and talked/We played soccer/We went out and drank.)


A) Tell me about him/her?


B) _________________________________________________.

(Use adjectives: outgoing/shy/lazy/diligent/bossy/funny/foolish/smart/cool)


A) How often do you meet now? I mean, presently.


B) We meet (once/twice/three times) a (week/month/year).


A) When did you last meet?


B) We last met_______ hours/days/weeks/months/years ago.


A) What did you do together?


B) We ________________________________________________ .




"First meet" is when you had your first introduction or conversation.

"Last meet" is the most recent time you spent together.



Section Two ~ Form-Talk 105 ~ Infinitives ~ Dialogue Practice ~


An infinitive is the basic or dictionary form of a verb.

It is made by adding "to" to a basic verb.

When it follows an actual verb, you make the structures below:


Example questions: verb (green) + infinitive (purple)


Q1: Who do you want to meet (this weekend)? Why?

Q2: What do you hope to do (in the future)? For what reason?

Q3: Where do you plan to go (on your next holiday)? Where?

Q4: How often do you forget to call/text someone? Why?

Q5: When do you expect to retire? What will you do?

Q6: What can/cant you afford to buy this/next month/year?

Q7: Where do you prefer to sit at a restaurant? Why?

Q8: What do you tend to do when you are nervous? Tell.

Q9: Which famous person would you love to meet? Why?

Q10: Where do you wish to travel before you die? Why?


Make some of your own questions using the same form.




Places to sit in a room/restaurant: in the front, in the middle, in the back,

near a window (a window seat), in a quiet place, where I can see people,

away from the restrooms, near the kitchen, in a private room, anywhere





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