~ How to Make a Lesson ~ 


1) In the first section, fill in the blanks, then practice your role plays on your own.


2) Then, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, perform the role plays you have created.


3) After that, perform your role play in class with a partner/several partners.


4) Finally, challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues.


5) In the second section, briefly discuss the form as a class. Avoid over-analysis.


6) Select two questions from the list. Practice with a partner, then in front of the class.


7) You may wish to discuss the form (section two) before the role play (section one).

The Language Works ~ Basic English ~ Lesson 7

Section One ~ Basic-Talk 107 ~ Childhood ~ Role Play Practice ~


A) What city were you born in?


B) I was born in__________________________________________ .


A) Where did you grow up?


B) I grew up in_____________________________________________ .


A) Where did you go to elementary school?


B) I went to_______________________________________________ .


A) Did you grow up with any brothers and sisters?


B1) Yes, I had_____________________________________________ .

B2) No, I was an only child.


A) What did you like doing by yourself?


B) I liked________________________________________________ .

(reading comic books/drawing pictures/listening to music/riding my bike)


A) What did you like doing with your neighbors, siblings, or friends?


B) We liked_______________________________________________ .

(playing kickball/going to the river/hanging out at the beach/ice skating)


A) What was your favorite food, sport, and TV program when you were growing up?


B) I really liked___________________________________________ .


A) Were you a good student?


B) Well, _______________________________________________ .





In most cases, if you were born or grew up on an island, use on:

Example: I was born on Oahu Island in Honolulu in Hawaii in the USA.


Siblings are brothers and sisters, but this is most often used formally



Section Two ~ Form-Talk 107 ~ Superlative Adjectives ~ Dialogue Practice ~


A superlative adjective is used to compare three or more things.


List of superlative adjectives:


1) One syllable or ending in y:

late latest / kind kindest / early earliest / mean meanest


2) Two or more syllables:

recommended most/least recommended ~ difficult most/least difficult

helpful most/least helpful ~ confusing most/least confusing


3) Different forms:

good best / bad worst 


Example questions:


Q1: Who is the best/worst looking celebrity in your country? Tell. 

Q2: Who is the youngest/oldest member in your family? Tell.

Q3: What café has the best atmosphere for conversation/reading? 

Q4: What is the most dangerous place to get lost? Why?

Q5: What country is the happiest on the planet? For what reasons?

Q6: Who is the best/worst celebrity chef/designer in your country? Tell. 

Q7: Who is the fattest/slimmest member in your family? Why?

Q8: Which holiday is the most/least stressful for you? Explain.

Q9: What is the most recommended place on the internet now? Tell.

Q10: What language is the least difficult on the planet? Explain.



Make some of your own questions using superlative adjectives




As with comparatives, both of the following forms are acceptable:

easiest/most easy, dirtiest/most dirty, funniest/most funny,

happiest/most happy, noisiest/most noisy, simplest/most simple,

gentlest/most gentle, commonest/most common, quietest/most quiet.





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