~ How to Make a Lesson ~ 


1) In the first section, fill in the blanks, then practice your role plays on your own.


2) Then, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, perform the role plays you have created.


3) After that, perform your role play in class with a partner/several partners.


4) Finally, challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues.


5) In the second section, briefly discuss the form as a class. Avoid over-analysis.


6) Select two questions from the list. Practice with a partner, then in front of the class.


7) You may wish to discuss the form (section two) before the role play (section one).

The Language Works ~ Basic English ~ Lesson 15

Section One ~ Basic-Talk 115 ~ Talking about Money ~ Role Play Practice ~


A) Do you think money can buy a happy life?


B) __________________________________________________________ .

(No I don’t/Maybe. Money can buy opportunities. Some good, some bad/Yes, I do.) 


A) Are you able to save money easily?


B) _____________________________________________________________ .

(No, I can’t/It depends. I can if I really have to/Yes. It’s easy for me to be thrifty.)


A) How often do you use a credit card?


B) ______________________________________________________________ .

(About once/twice/three times a day/week ~ Every ______ days ~ Every day.) 


A) What kind of things do you spend money on when you have extra money?


B) Well, I _________________________________________________________ .

(go to a good restaurant and order a bottle of wine/go on a shopping spree/put it in the bank)


A) Do you ever buy things you don’t need?


B) ________________________________________________________ .

(Always by accident.../Sometimes. I try to get a refund, give it away, or throw it away.)


A) Do you ever borrow money? Who from? For what reason?


B) ____________________________________________________________ .

(No, I never borrow money/Once in a while from my _______/Yes. From the bank. For…)


A) Do you ever lend money to a friend or relative? Who? When?


B) ____________________________________________________________ .

(No, I never lend money/Yes. I lend money to friends/Yes, but I don’t expect to get it back.)


A) Do you ever spend money on other people? Who? When?


B) ______________________________________________________ .

(No, I never do that/I spend money on people who really need it/Yes. I really enjoy it.)




Section Two ~ Form-Talk 115 ~ Compound Adjectives ~ Dialogue Practice ~


Compound adjectives are adjectives that contains two or more words.

We use hyphens ( - ) to show connection in meaning.


Notice the difference in these sentences:


1) I saw a man-eating fish

2) I saw a man eating fish


Example questions:


Q1: Do you know anyone who is money-minded? Why so?

Q2: Are you open-minded, close-minded, or between? Explain.

Q3: Do you know anyone who is narrow-minded? Tell.

Q4: Do you know anyone who is absent-minded? Give a story.

Q5: Where would you like to go on a one-year adventure?

Q6: What things are old-fashioned in your country? Can they change?

Q7: What food do you consider mouth-watering? Describe.

Q8: What is your run-of-the-mill day like? Give details.

Q9: Who would you like to go with on a one-month vacation? Where?

Q10: What do you do at least three-times-a-day? Why? Prefer not?


run-of-the-mill = normal, average, ordinary


Make some of your own questions using this form…






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