~ How to Make a Lesson ~ 


1) In the first section, fill in the blanks, then practice your role plays on your own.


2) Then, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, perform the role plays you have created.


3) After that, perform your role play in class with a partner/several partners.


4) Finally, challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues.


5) In the second section, briefly discuss the form as a class. Avoid over-analysis.


6) Select two questions from the list. Practice with a partner, then in front of the class.


7) You may wish to discuss the form (section two) before the role play (section one).

The Language Works ~ Basic English ~ Lesson 22

Section One ~ Basic-Talk 122 ~ Exercise and Fitness ~ Role Play Practice ~


A) When did you last time exercise or go to the gym?


B) Let me see, it was ________________________________________ .

(the day before yesterday/about a week ago/several years ago/the Friday before last.)


A) How often do you go to the gym?


B) ________________________________________________ .

(About once/twice/three times a week ~ Every few days ~ I never go there.)


A) Do you play any sports?


B) ____________________________________________________ .

(Yes. I play tennis and handball/Yes. I sometimes play badminton/No. I jog.)


A) Do you often meet up with friends to exercise?


B) _______________________________________________________ .

(Yes. We go hiking and biking/Yes. We golf together/No. I like exercising on my own.)


A) Do you do yoga or martial arts?


B) _______________________________________________________ .

(Yes. I belong to a yoga studio/Yes. I practice mixed martial arts/No. I’m not into it.)


A) Do you take walks, hike, or ride a bicycle?


B) ______________________________________________________ .

(Yes. I walk around my neighborhood every day/I take short hikes on weekends.)


A) What sport or exercise would you like to try?


B) Hmm. I’d like to try ________________________________________.


Section Two ~ Form-Talk 122 ~ Phrasal Verbs 2 ~ Dialogue Practice ~


1) Phrasal verbs are composed of two or three words.

2) They usually have a meaning different from those two or three words separately.

3) They are often used in everyday speech and have this form:


phrasal verb = verb + adverb/preposition/noun


Example questions:


Q1: How do you warm up before you exercise? Is it important?

Q2: If you don't work out on a regular basis, how do you feel?

Q3: Have your joints ever swollen up because of exercise or injury? Tell.

Q4: Do you push yourself when tired or give up and take a rest

Q5: Have you ever taken part in competitions or races? How was it?

Q6: What do you do to cool down after lots of exercise?

Q7: What is the best way to burn off extra calories? Explain.

Q8: About how much does it cost to sign up at a fitness club? 

Q9: Have you ever chickened out before a difficult hike or exercise? Tell. 

Q10: What sports teams do you root for? How successful are they?


Make some of your own questions using this form.







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