Topic 2 ~  House and Home ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) What is the difference between “house” and “home? Explain. What does “Home sweet home” mean?

2) Do you live with your family? Describe your family/roommates? Who do you get along with best?

3) How long have you lived in your home? Have you ever moved? Do you want to move?

4) Which home did/do you like the best? Why? What makes a home comfortable? Or not?

5) Describe each room in your home. Describe what you would like to change in your home.


Group B

1) What does the outside of your home look like? Is there anything you would like to change?

2) Would you prefer to live in a house or an apartment? Why? Describe your choice.

3) If you have a car, where do you park it? Is the cost of parking reasonable in your area?

4) Is your home in a convenient location? Describe your location in detail.

5) f you could change anything about your present location (town, city, etc.), what would it be?


Group C

1) Where would your dream home be (town, city, etc.)? What would it be like inside and out?

2) Do you know any of your neighbors? Who are they? Share any stories about you and them.

3) Do you get along well with your neighbors? How do you know them? How well?

4) Have you ever complained about your neighbors? Why? Or your apartment? Why?

5) What problems do home owners have in your country/community? What can they do?


Group D

1) Do you like to keep pets in your home? Why or why not? Who benefits most from pets? Explain

2) Do you have plants or a garden at your home? Describe the plant/garden culture in your country.

3) Are there any parks near your home? What do people do there? Do you use parks? How?

4) How difficult is it to buy a house or an apartment in your country? What is the process? Explain.

5) Have you ever been homesick? If so, describe the experience. How can people overcome it?


Group E

1) Is it better to rent or buy in your country? Give reasons for your answer.

2) What do you think houses in the future will be like? Try to imagine them in detail.

3) Is your neighborhood dangerous? How important is security? How do you make your home secure?

4) Are there many homeless people in your community? Where do they stay? Are you concerned?

5) Does your government assist the homeless? What can/should your local/national government do?









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~ Making a Lesson ~


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2) Then, in pairs or in groups, ask questions and share ideas in your conversations.


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