~ Topic 6 ~  Community ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) Give us your impressions of your community. How do you feel about it?

2) Who are the people in your community? How many of them do you know?

3) What do the people in your community do for recreation?

4) What do you think should be changed in your community?

5) Does your community have meetings?


Group B

1) Is there a neighborhood watch program in your community?

2) Does your community welcome strangers?

3) Have you ever helped a neighbor?

4) Has a neighbor ever helped you?

5) What was your community like when you were young?


Group C

1) What is your present community like? Are there differences?

2) What programs do you wish you had when you were young (community activities)?

3) What programs do you wish your community offered now?

4) What factors contribute to a  successful community in general?

5) What factors can push a community into violence/criminal events?


Group D

1) Is your country similar to another country in terms of community? Explain…

2) How does social status  affect community? Give examples…

3) Do wealthy people ignore the poor in your community? If so, why?

4) Is there a distinct gap between different groups in your community?

5) Are there any outcasts in your community? Who are they? Why do they stay?


Group E

1) Do you give change to beggars? Why or why not?

2) Is there a place for all members of your community to meet?

3) Do you ever have community meetings?

4) Has your community formed any political groups?

5) Are there any pressing issues your community needs to address?








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Honor your mistakes, they will lead to learning...

Through this learning, more mistakes will be made…

Through this process, mistakes are no longer mistakes…

They become the act of learning.





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~ Making a Lesson ~


1) To begin with, in groups, in pairs, or as a class, select the questions you’d like to talk about. 


2) Then, in pairs or in groups, ask questions and share ideas in your conversations.


3) Finally, share your ideas (each individual) in a classroom discussion.

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