Topic 7 ~  Childhood ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) Where were you born? How long did you live there?

2) Did you move when you were young? Did that affect you in any way?

3) Did you have your own bicycle? Do you remember who taught you to ride a bicycle?

4) Did you have any accidents or broken bones when you were young? What happened?

5) Did you have any pets when you were a child? Describe them. Did they ever run away?


Group B

1) Who was your favorite teacher? What was your favorite subject? Why?

2) Did you have a best friend? How did you meet this friend? Tell.

3) Did you ever have a group of friends? How often did you hang out together?

4) Did you like going to school? Did you get good grades? In what subjects?

5) Were you or any of your friends ever bullied? If so, how did it affect you or them?


Group C

1) What did you like about school? What didn't you like about school?

2) Do you still do things with your childhood friends? How often do you meet?

3) What was your mother like? What did you do together?

4) What was your father like? What did you do together?

5) How are you similar to your parents? How are you different?


Group D

1) How many members were there in your family?

2) If you had brothers and/or sisters, what did you do together?

3) What are some of the best and worst memories of your childhood?

4) How old were you at the time of your first memories? What are they?

5) What foods did you like to eat? What foods didn't you like to eat?


Group E

1) Did you have a nickname? Did you like it? Do you still use it?

2) Were you afraid of anything as a child? Are you still afraid of the same things?

3) What were your favorite cartoons and TV shows?

4) Who were your role models when you were young?

5) When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?









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~ Making a Lesson ~


1) To begin with, in groups, in pairs, or as a class, select the questions you’d like to talk about. 


2) Then, in pairs or in groups, ask questions and share ideas in your conversations.


3) Finally, share your ideas (each individual) in a classroom discussion.

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