~ Topic 10 ~  Dating, Marriage, and Love ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1)  Describe the character and appearance of someone you would like to date.

2)  Tell about your first love, first date, first relationship, or a one-sided romance.

3)  Have you ever been on a blind date? Would you ever consider it? Why or why not?

4)  How many people in your country participate in social media dating? Who are they?

5)   Have you or would meet someone you chatted with online? Why or why not?


Group B

1)  Would you ever date someone much younger or older than you? Explain.

2)  How did your parents meet? What did they do? If you don't know, why not?

3)  Why are some parents reluctant to talk about their dating experiences?

4)  Do/Did your parents have a happy marriage? How do you know?

5)  Have you ever gotten advice from either parent about dating? Did it help?


Group C

1)  Do you think marriage is necessary? Explain. Is there an alternative?

2)  Do all couples need to have children to have a happy marriage? Explain.

3)  What are the benefits and disadvantages of having children? Explain.

4)  Do people in your country disapprove of men and women living together? Why?

5)  Did (would) you live with your husband/wife before you got married? If so, how was it?


Group D

1)  Would you marry someone from another ethnic or religious group? Why or why not?

2)  Are there marriages between different nationalities in your country? What are they?

3)  What are the benefits and disadvantages of international marriage in your country?

4)  Do you know anything about the history of marriage in your country. Explain.

5)   Is divorce in your country prevalent? For what reasons? What problems are created?


Group E

1)  Do you believe that true love or the idea of soul mates is possible? Why or why not?

2)  Do you think there are different kinds of love? If so, explain. If not, explain.

3)  Where does love come from? How long ago do you think humans were aware of love?

4)  How would you explain romantic love? How long do you think it has existed?

5)  Have you ever had a heartbreak? How bad was it? Do you still think about it?




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