Topic 11 ~  Restaurants and Eating Out ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) How often do you eat out? Where do you usually go?

2) How much do you usually pay when you eat out? Who do you usually go with?

3) Are there any restaurants in this area that serve food from other countries?

4) What kind of food do they serve? What's on the menu? Do you eat at any of them?

5) Have you ever ordered food in English? If so, when, what, and where?


Group B

1) Do you ever eat at fast food restaurants? If so, what do you order?

2) Do you ever drink alcoholic beverages when you eat out? What? How much?

3) Do you prefer eating out with drinkers or non-drinkers? Does it matter? How so?

4) Have you ever been out to eat in a foreign country? Describe your experience.

5) Do you know anyone who owns a restaurant? Do you go there often?


Group C

1) Have you ever worked at a restaurant or bar? Do you know anyone who has?

2) Do you worry about calories, fat, cholesterol, chemicals (MSG) when you go out to eat?

3) Would you send a dish back if it did not taste good or if you received the wrong food? Explain.

4) In what ways have people's eating habits changed over the years in your country?

5) Have your own eating habits changed over the years? How so?


Group D

1)Who pays when you go out for lunch or dinner? Give examples.

2) What's the worst experience (food, service, etc.) you've ever had at a restaurant?

3) Do you like eating at buffets? Why or why not? If yes, where and how often?

4) Why do you think westerners are usually heavier than Asians?

5) Do you ever order food delivered to your home? What kind, when, how often?


Group E

1) Do you like to try new restaurants, or do you prefer to go to your favorites? Explain.

2) How important is restaurant ambience to you? Do you prefer a busy or quiet atmosphere? Explain.

3) What would you do if you saw the cook smoking while preparing food? What if you saw a cockroach?

4) What would you do if children were noisy when you are trying to eat in a restaurant?

5) What would you do if your friends were smoking when you were trying to eat in a restaurant?






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