Topic 13 ~  Manners in Society ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) What are some good/bad manners for using a smart/cell phone? On social media/internet?

2) What are some good/bad table manners? party manners? With friends on a night out?

3) What are some good/bad manners relating to hygiene? At a spa? At public restrooms?

4) What are some good/bad driving manners? Talk about how drivers and pedestrians interact.

5) What are some good/bad manners related to drinking alcohol and/or smoking in public places?


Group B

1) Is showing affection such as kissing in public appropriate? Why or why not?

2) Is it appropriate to hug or kiss when greeting someone in your country?

3) Is listening to other's people conversations (eavesdropping) appropriate? Explain.

4) What are some common good manners in your culture that you don't agree with? Explain.

5) Why do we have manners? How do you think they came about? Do they change over time?


Group C

1) Do you know any manners that are appropriate in your country but not in others (or vice versa)?

2) Do you think people in your culture have better  manners now than in the past? Explain.

3) Do you think your manners can affect your success in life? How? Give examples.

4) What's the best way to teach good manners to children? Do parents in your culture make this effort?

5) Do you think it's possible to be overly polite? Explain. Give an example of being too polite.


Group D

1) What advice would you give a foreigner visiting your country who would like to show good manners?

2) Do people in your country hold open the door for strangers? Should they?

3) When entering an elevator, train, or bus what manners to people show in your country?

4) Do you think good manners are related to income and social status?

5) Do you think the idea of good manners can inhibit people's sense of fun? Explain.


Group E

1) To what extent is the idea of good manners used to control women's behavior in society?

2) Do you know of any manners that are based on gender (man/woman)? What are they?

3) What are some manners in your country that no longer exist? Manners that are new?

4) What kind of language/speaking style do you consider rude? Explain. Give examples.

5) Why do you think people stare (gawk)? Do you think it's OK? How can you stop them?






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~ Making a Lesson ~


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