Topic 14 ~  Family and Relatives ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) Define your nuclear family and your extended family. Talk about your relationships.

2) Do you have any brothers or sisters? If so, how old are they? Describe your relationships.

3) Talk about your relationships with your mother and father and/or your grandparents.

4) What do you argue about with your family members? your extended family? your in-laws?

5) Should parents control children's friendships? What potential problems arise in such relationships?


Group B

1) Do you think you are influenced by anyone in your family to act a certain way? Why?

2) Is anyone in your family a role model or mentor for you? Who? Is it a positive experience?

3) Were your parents strict or lenient when you were growing up? How so?

4) Do you have a mother or father-in-law? If so, describe your relationships with them.

5) Do you have a son or daughter-in-law? If so, describe your relationships with them.


Group C

1) What do you do when you meet your uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and/or nephews?

2) What was your most memorable meeting with your extended family and/or in-laws

3) Talk about a wedding, funeral, anniversary, graduation, or other family event.

4) Do you have any immediate family or relatives you will not meet? What happened? Why?

5) Who is your favorite in-law? Why do you like him/her? When did you meet?


Group D

1) How often do you meet the members in your immediate family? What do you do together?

2) How often do you meet your relatives (aunt, uncle, etc.)? What do you do together?

3) How often do you meet your in-laws? What do you do together?

4) What is a family reunion? Are there family reunions in your country? What do you do?

5) What is a favorite childhood memory that includes a member of your immediate family?


Group E

1) Do you include anyone in your family who is not a blood relative? Explain.

2) What do your family members do for a living (including relatives and in-laws)?

3) Who is your family's organizer? What do they do? Are they appreciated?

4) Describe the structure of the modern family in your country/culture.

5) Is there anything about family in your country/culture that you would like to change? Explain.






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