Topic 18 ~  Growing up: Teenagers ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) Describe your teenage years. Were you social, lonely, happy, sad, confused, busy, depressed?

2) Describe your circle of friends when you were a teenager. Are you still close with them today?

3) Who helped you most when you were a teen? Describe your relationship.

4) Were you ever bullied (as a child or teen)? If so, how did it affect your personal development?

5) Have you ever bullied someone? Why do you think you did it? Have you made amends?


Group B

1) What punishment did your parents use when you were a teenager? Do you do the same?

2) Why do teenagers rebel? Is it natural? Is it part of becoming an adult? Is it necessary?

3) Why do some children/teenagers act like adults? Is there a genetic link? Is it rearing?

4) At what age should a teenage girl/boy have their first serious romantic relationship? Explain.

5) How old were you when you had your first serious romantic relationship? Tell the tale.


Group C

1) What can communities do to help teenagers who have problems? Are programs available?

2) What is the best advice you could give a teenager growing up in your community/country?

3) Does advertising play an important role in how teenagers think? Is it positive/negative?

4) Should teenagers work? Why or why not? Did you work when you were a teen? Tell the tale.

5) If you could be a teenager again, would you do anything differently? Describe.


Group D

1) Do you think it is better to raise teenagers in the city, a small town, or in the country? Why?

2) Do you still feel like a teen sometimes? What is meant by the term "arrested development"?

3) How much freedom should parents give to their teens? Is too much not enough?

4) Did you have too much freedom when you were a teen? What were the consequences?

5) Are boys and girls given the same amount of freedom in your country? Why or Why not?


Group E

1) How would you discipline a teen who came home drunk or high? Is it common where you live?

2) Did you experiment with drugs/alcohol when you were a teen? What was your experience?

3) What are some of the greatest problems facing teenagers in your country today? Why so?

4) Do you think teenagers in your community show enough respect for adults/teachers/parents?

5) How can society/communities/people reach out to troubled teenagers? Give examples.









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