Topic 20 ~  The Future ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) What do you hope for in your future? How can you achieve it?

2) What could be a problem in your future? How could you avoid it?

3) What potential advances can the next generation look forward to?

4) What problems will the next generation need to face? What solutions are there?

5) What can the general public do to create a better future? How? Describe.


Group B

1) Will robots eventually replace humans in factories? Why do you think so?

2) What will humans do for a living in the future? Will there be enough jobs?

3) What jobs can't robots do? Will there be new human jobs in the future? Describe.

4) What jobs will be necessary for human development and prosperity?

5) Will climate change affect employment? How? What jobs will be required?


Group C

1) Is there anything that doesn't exist that could improve life? Describe.

2) What kind of developments might be possible in health care in the future?

3) How will technology change the future? Can technology control us? How?

4) What will be the role of computers in the future? Is there a limit?

5) What do you think of the idea of "the internet of things"? Discuss.


Group D

1) What do you think about the younger generation in your country? in the world?

2) Do you think the educational systems will/need to change in the future?

3) What is your view on world population? Describe the situation in your country?

4) Think about ways to improve the world over the years to come. Discuss.

5) Is there a country or group of people that can lead the way to a positive future?


Group E

1) What are your personal plans for the future? What do you really want to do?

2) What are you optimistic about regarding your future? Why? Describe.

3) What are you pessimistic about regarding your future? Why? Describe.

4) How will the "world order" change in the next twenty years? How so?

5) Will humans always wage war against each other? If so, Why? If not, How?










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~ Making a Lesson ~


1) To begin with, in groups, in pairs, or as a class, select the questions you’d like to talk about. 


2) Then, in pairs or in groups, ask questions and share ideas in your conversations.


3) Finally, share your ideas (each individual) in a classroom discussion.

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