Topic 21 ~  Generation Gaps ~ Choose the questions you like ~


Group A

1) What are generation gaps? Why do they occur? Are they necessary? Discuss.

2) Have you experienced a generation gap with your parents? What issues came up?

3) Have you experienced a generation gap with your siblings? What were the causes?

4) When do you experience a generation gap? What people trigger it? Tell the tale.

5) Is it possible to overcome  generation gaps? How so? Present a scenario.


Group B

1) Do you think you are/could be a better parent than your own parents? Describe.

2) Do you think it is OK to date or marry someone of a different generation?

3) Do you think your parent's generation's had the same arguments as you? Explain.

4) Were there advantages in previous generations? Would you like to go back in time?

5) What were the disadvantages in previous times. What would make you uncomfortable?


Group C

1) When did you first realize that your views were different from older people? Or not?

2) How does music influence people? What generational values are expressed in music?

3) Can generation gaps be beneficial? How? Are they a hindrance? Why do you think so?

4) How does art influence people? What generational values are expressed in art?

5) What is the relationship between art, music, and generation gaps? Is it evolution?


Group D

1) Did/Can you talk to your parents about a generation gap? Tell about your experience.

2) Do you ever disagree with your parents/grandparents about anything? Why?

3) How many years creates a generation gap? Is it variable? How so?

4) Is it possible for parents and children to be friends? Describe your own situation.

5) Are older people always wiser than younger people? Tell your experience.


Group E

1) Is there a bias or an unfair cultural phenomenon regarding old age in your culture? How so?

2) In your culture, are older women more powerful in the family unit than men? Explain.

3) What are some topics that people from different generations disagree on? Explain.

4) Should generations always be in disagreement? How should old and young interact?

5) Do you still feel the same way about your generation that you did 10/20/30 years ago?









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