~ Appendix Six ~ Types of Sentences ~ Adding it Up ~


TLW ~  English Writing ~ Basic Structures and Forms

Types of individual sentences: 

1) Simple: Contains a single, independent clause. 

I dont eat green eggs and ham. 


2) Compound: Contains two independent clauses that are joined by a conjunction (but, or, and, so, because). 

Many people came to the party, so we had to go to the liquor store. 


3) Complex: Contains an independent clause plus one or more dependent clauses 

Paper is good for taking notes, although computers are the best tools. 

Although computers are the best tools, paper is good for taking notes. 


Note: When the subordinate clause follows the independent clause, no comma is needed.


Types of sentences in a paragraph: An Analogy 

1) The Topic Sentence introduces the main idea and the meaning of a paragraph.

           Think of the parent in a family of sentences. Its meant to introduce the idea.

           The topic sentence can be simple, general, broad-minded.


2) Supporting Sentences provide additional information in support of the main idea.

           Think of sons and daughters that show respect for their parents.

            outlining the activities of the extended family (relatives/relations)


3) Detail Sentences are small bits of information or facts relating

            to a specific supporting sentence. Theyre meant to create clarity

            Think of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., or friends, and you are explaining

            something that they had not known, explaining it carefully for their first time


4) A Closing Sentence (conclusion/summary statement) provides paragraph closure

           Giving closure is like a person saying goodbye to your family, relative, or friend

           summing up the conversations and hinting to the future


What is an analogy?

~ An analogy is saying something is like something else to explain something.

~ The above analogy uses the idea of a family to explain a paragraph.

What is a metaphor?

~ A metaphor is saying something is something else in a poetic manner.

~ Example 1) My dog is a terrorist.

~ Example 2) My dog acts like a terrorist. (Using 'like' is called a simile)

~ Example 3) My cat is an angel.

~ Example 4) My cat looks like an angel. (Using 'like' is called a simile)


Example paragraph:


The Cicada is a fascinating example of nature. All around the globe billions of cicadas will burst


forth from the soil after more than 10 years. Before their arrival, they live mysterious lives


underground feeding on roots. They know when to emerge when the roots have repeated their yearly


cycles, sometimes 17 times. They find their tree, burst through the soil, almost blind, and begin to


 climb. Then they grow wings. They become food for many animals near them. In this way, they are


 an essential link in the ecosystem. When we hear their magical mesmerizing sounds in summer, we


can appreciate their short stay in the world around us.



Try to analyze the sentence types Be aware that there are more than one interpretation

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