~ Appendix One ~ Dictation ~ Book One ~

TLW ~  English Writing ~ Basic Structures and Forms

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One: Introducing Myself

Q1: Who do you like meeting on your birthday? What do you like to do? 

Q2: What do you like having for breakfast? Why? 

Q3: What do you like to do by yourself?

Two: Shopping

Q1: What kind of stores or markets do you like shopping in? Why? 

Q2: Before you buy something expensive, do you do research? Explain. 

Q3: What kind of things do you buy when you travel? Tell. 

Three: Eating out

Q1: If you have lots of money, what will you buy? Where will you go? 

Q2: If you entertain friends, what will you serve them? Will you enjoy it?

Q3: If you become rich will you give to others? Share your thoughts.

Four: Technology

Q1: Who uses the latest tech devices. What is their job? How about you? 

Q2: Who do you think has a problem with phone or any other addiction? Tell. 

Q3: What programs do you most often watch on television? Describe.

Five: Cooking and Kitchen

Q1: Do you ever use a recipe when you are making something? Where from?

Q2: What does your kitchen look like when you wake up or when you go to bed? 

Q3: What food did your mom prepare when you were young? What was your favorite?

Six: Friends and Family

Q1: Are you ever late for an appointment with friends or others? Tell. 

Q2: Are you ever afraid when you are walking alone? When? 

Q3: Do you ever meet friends from your school days? Why or why not? 

Seven: Coffee Culture

Q1: How often do you visit a coffee shop? Who with? When?

Q2: What's your favorite place to have a coffee or tea? Describe it.

Q3: What do people do alone at a coffee shop. How about you?

Eight: Housework and Play

Q1: How many times a week do you order delivered food? What? From where? Why? 

Q2: How often do you take time for yourself to relax? What do you do? 

Q3: How far away do your in-laws live? Your birth parents? Is it convenient?