~ Appendix Two ~ Dictation ~ Book Two ~

TLW ~  English Writing ~ Basic Structures and Forms

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One: Home Activity

Q1: What do you like to do on Sunday? How about as a teen or child? 

Q2: Who cleans your home? Why and when? 

Q3: Who cooks your meals? How delicious? How often? Why/Why Not?

Two: Dining In and Dining Out

Q1: In what kind of restaurants do you enjoy eating at? Why? 

Q2: If you have a party in your home, what food will you serve? Explain. 

Q3: What things do you really dislike when dining out? Tell. 

Three: People You Know

Q1: If you have lots of money, who will you consult? Where will you go? 

Q2: If you invite friends to a restaurant, where will you go? Will you pay?

Q3: Do you trust your doctor? How about your banker? Share your thoughts.

Four: Appointments and Routines

Q1: Do you meet a group of friends on a regular basis?  What do you talk about?

Q2: How do you break up you home routines? How do you relax at home?

Q3: What appointments or responsibilities cause you the most stress ? Describe.

Five: Talking About Movies

Q1: Which movie have you watched the most times? Why do you think so?

Q2: Do you watch TV movies before you go to bed? If not, what helps you sleep?

Q3: What actor or actors did you like when you were young? How about now?

Six: Common Idioms

Q1: What does Dont throw stones when you live in a glass house mean? 

Q2: What does A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush mean? 

Q3: What do think is the best thing since sliced bread? Tell.

Seven: Talking About Money

Q1: How often do you go to the bank? Who with? Why? Do you enjoy it?

Q2: What's your favorite place to spend money? Who with? Describe it.

Q3: Is it true that money can buy love? Do you agree or disagree?

Eight: Common Idioms Two

Q1: What does Where there is smoke, there is fire mean? 

Q2: What does The last in line is the first to succeed mean? 

Q3: When was the last time you felt bent out of shape? Tell.