Section Three: Matching Q and A ~ 


~ Match the questions with the answers


~ Discuss your choices:


1) Have you ever taken a domestic flight?

Where to?


2) What does a concierge do? Have you ever

had a problem while staying at a hotel?


3) Have you ever bought a one-way ticket?

Where to?


4) Is there a transit system in your city?

Do you use it?


5) Have you ever traveled abroad?

Where did you go last time?


6) What amenities do you enjoy at hotels?

Describe them.


7) Can you get transportation/travel info on

your phone? What kind? What apps do you use?




~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 3 ~ Trips and Travel ~

Section One: Structure ~ Have you ever (Yes/No) ~


The present perfect verb examines our lives from the beginning of something

(our birth, for example) up to the present moment, thus “Present Perfect”...


The present perfect uses the past participle or “third verb tense

as in: take (present) took (past) taken (past participle)


The simple question form: Have you ever verb + object

The simple answer forms: 1) Yes, I have. 2) No, I haven’t.


Note: Present perfect questions are usually answered using past tenses:


Q: Have you ever taken a train to ________ ?

A: Yes. I took a train there last month.


However, a negative response remains in a simple form:


Q: Have you ever been to Hong Kong?

A: No I haven’t (I have not been there).


Discussion questions:


1) Have you ever eaten sushi/shabu shabu? What kind? Where? 


2) Have you ever been to the tropics? When? Where?


3) Have you ever taken a trip using a bus or train? Tell the story. 


4) Have you ever stayed up all night? What happened? 


5) Have you ever seen a rainbow? Where? When? Who with?


6) Have you ever visited a friend abroad? Where? Tell.


7) Have you ever had a massage/spa treatment at a hotel? When? Where?


8) Have you ever taken a drive just for fun? Tell the story. 


9) Have you ever met a foreigner abroad? What happened? 


10) Have you ever been in danger at home or abroad? Where? When?



Section Two: Vocabulary Self Study ~ Trips and Travel ~

Links:   1) Thesaurus    2) Vocabulary    3) Dictionary    4) Urban Dictionary    5) Word Origins   

TLW ~ Pre to Intermediate ~ Lesson 3

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures ~


1) In section one , briefly talk about the structure, then take turns asking and answering the questions.


2) Next, create new questions using the structure and/or the vocabulary list in section two.


3) After that, match the questions and answers in the third section. Explain and discuss your choices.


4) Finally, select and answer any of these questions in your own way/from your own experiences.


5) Take fair turns. Include as many students as possible. Create your own questions from any source.

A) They greet guests and provide info about

hotel services. Not that I can remember.


B) I like to watch satellite TV, and I like the

mini bar, but it’s pricy.


C) Sure. There are many apps available.

Most have multiple languages.


D) Last month, I went on a cruise for my

wedding anniversary.


E) Yes. Last winter to the opposite coast.

I visited my grandma.


F) Yes. There are lots of buses.

I go everywhere by bus or subway.


G) No, I haven’t. I guess I always return home.





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