~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 6 ~ Technology ~

Section One: Structure ~ Questions using “Who” ~


Example 1: Who + verb + object


Q1) Who has a flip phone?

A1) My grandma’s sister has one.


Q2) Who has pots and pans?

A2) Chefs around the world have them.


Example 2: Who + do/does + pronoun + verb + object


Q1) Who do you study with?

A1) I study with my brother/my friends.


Q2) Who does your mom have lunch with?

A2) She has lunch with her new guy friend.


Discussion questions:


1) Who uses many new tech devices. What is their job? How about you?


2) Who lives next to you? Do you get along with them? Why or why not?


3) Who washes the dishes? Do you have a dishwasher? Why or why not?


4) Who is the best musician in your family? Do they use tech in their music?


5) Who gets in trouble most often in your family? Why do you think so?


6) Who do you call when something breaks down or your computer fails?


7) Who do you watch online movies with? How often? Tell.


8) Who would you contact online for a meeting or a date? Why?


9) Who do you think has a problem with phone or any other addiction? Tell.


10) Who do you most often see on television? What’s your impression of them?

Section Two: Vocabulary Self Study ~ Technology ~

Links:   1) Thesaurus    2) Vocabulary    3) Dictionary    4) Urban Dictionary    5) Word Origins   

TLW ~ Pre to Intermediate ~ Lesson 6

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures ~


1) In section one , briefly talk about the structure, then take turns asking and answering the questions.


2) Next, create new questions using the structure and/or the vocabulary list in section two.


3) After that, match the questions and answers in the third section. Explain and discuss your choices.


4) Finally, select and answer any of these questions in your own way/from your own experiences.


5) Take fair turns. Include as many students as possible. Create your own questions from any source.

Section Three: Matching Q and A ~ 


~ Match the questions with the answers


~ Discuss your choices:


1) Do you use your phone before you get up in the morning? Why?


2) What kind of websites do you like? Describe.


3) When was the last time you updated your anti-virus program? How?


4) Does your family use an internet movie service? Why or why not?


5) Who is the most tech proficient person you know? Tell.


6) Are you ever bored at home? What do you do?


7) When do you use your (smart) phone most? Tell.



A) That was when my computer went berserk.

I had to reload everything.


B) Sometimes. I usually watch TV and eat, but I

know that isn’t the best option.


C) No, my husband does. It makes me angry.

He checks his messages.


D) In fact, I use it all day long. I think I may be



E) My daughter is amazing. She is really

smart and up to date.


F) All kinds, but I like social media best.


G) Yes. It’s great. Everyone enjoys watching it

on weekends. The monthly fee isn’t too bad.




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