Section Three: Nutrition ~ Matching ~



~ Match the questions with the answers below: Discuss your choices ~



~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 14 ~ Nutrition ~

Section One: Structure ~ Superlatives: Two forms ~


1) Example one: most/least + adjective


Q) What is the most/least nutritious food in the world?


A1) I think salmon is the most nutritious.

A2) I think potato chips are the least nutritious.


2) Example two: best/worstnoun


Q) Who has the best/worst eating habits (among the people) you know?


A1) I think I have the best eating habits.

A2) I think my cousin has the worst eating habits.



Discussion questions:


1) Is the fat in all food the same? What’s the worst/best? Look it up here.


2) Which diets (types) are the best/worst choices? Explain.


3) What kind of foods have the best/worst cholesterol? Look it up here.


4) Which vitamins are the most effective for you? Tell.


5) Which minerals are the best for people who exercise a lot? Tell.


6) Do you think herbal remedies the least effective cure for sickness? Debate.


7) What is the most popular supplement these days in your culture? Tell.


8) Is organic food the best option for your family? Where can you buy it?


9) Are you worried about food contaminants? Which are the worst?


10) Is global food shortage the most important issue now? Explain.

Section Two: Vocabulary Self Study ~ Nutrition ~

Links:   1) Thesaurus    2) Vocabulary    3) Dictionary    4) Urban Dictionary    5) Word Origins   

TLW ~ Pre to Intermediate ~ Lesson 14

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures ~


1) In section one , briefly talk about the structure, then take turns asking and answering the questions.


2) Next, create new questions using the structure and/or the vocabulary list in section two.


3) After that, match the questions and answers in the third section. Explain and discuss your choices.


4) Finally, select and answer any of these questions in your own way/from your own experiences.


5) Take fair turns. Include as many students as possible. Create your own questions from any source.

A) The places that serve traditional food

seem best to me.


B) Yes. I’m concerned about chemicals in

our food. What to do?


C) Maybe. Perhaps a positive mood and a glass

of wine is an aid in digestion.


D) I watch lots of these shows, but I’m

still a few kilograms overweight.


E) No. I don’t think such tablets or gels

do anything positive.


F) I get a spice mix from my Nepali

friend. I use it all the time.


G) Yes, but I try to avoid people who are obsessed with the topic.


1) What seasonings do you use at home?



2) Do you worry about preservatives? Why or why not?


3) Which restaurants, that you go to, are

the most nutritious?


4) Do you ever talk about nutrition? Who with? What subjects?


5) Do you ever watch nutrition programs on TV? What kinds?


6) Do you take supplements or vitamins? What kind? Why?


7) Do you think our minds can support nutritional health? How? 


Honor your mistakes, they will lead to learning...

Through this learning, more mistakes will be made…

Through this process, mistakes are no longer mistakes…

They become the act of learning.





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