~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 15 ~ Movies and Theater ~

Section One: Structure ~ Present Perfect Verb ~


The Present Perfect verb examines our lives from the beginning

of something (for example, our birth) up to the present moment.


1) Example one: Have you ever + past participle (verb three)


Q) Have you ever seen a film by Steven Spielberg?


A1) Yes, I have. I have seen E.T. and A.I.

A2) No, I haven’t. Who is he? I have never heard of him.


2) Example two: What/Where/When have you + past participle


Q) What have you dreamed about lately?


A1) I have dreamed about mountains lately.

A2) I haven’t dreamed about anything. I don’t remember.


Note: Present perfect questions are usually answered using past tenses:


Q: Have you ever been to Hong Kong?

A: Yes. I went there last month.


However, a negative response remains true to form:


Q: Have you ever been to Hong Kong?

A: No I haven’t (I have not been there).



Discussion questions:


1) What is one of the best/worst movies you have ever seen? Tell.


2) Have you ever eaten snacks at a movie? Why? Why not? Tell.


3) Have you ever had a bad experience at a (movie) theater? Explain.


4) Which movies have you recommended to your friends? Tell.


5) Which movie has changed your life for the better/worse? Tell.


6) Why do you think Shakespeare has been popular for so long? Explain.


7) Where have plays been performed in your country lately/in the past? Tell.


8) Which actor/actress has been in the news lately? Why?


9) Have you been to any kind of (movie) theater abroad? Tell.


10) Who do you think has been the most influential film director in history? Explain.



Section Two: Vocabulary Self Study ~ Movies and Theater ~ Which genres do you prefer?

Links:   1) Thesaurus    2) Vocabulary    3) Dictionary    4) Urban Dictionary    5) Word Origins   

TLW ~ Pre to Intermediate ~ Lesson 15

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures ~


1) In section one , briefly talk about the structure, then take turns asking and answering the questions.


2) Next, create new questions using the structure and/or the vocabulary list in section two.


3) After that, match the questions and answers in the third section. Explain and discuss your choices.


4) Finally, select and answer any of these questions in your own way/from your own experiences.


5) Take fair turns. Include as many students as possible. Create your own questions from any source.

Section Three: Movies and Theater ~ Matching ~



~ Match the questions with the answers below: Discuss your choices ~



1) Have you ever seen a movie with a date?

2) Have you ever been to a play? Did you like it? Why?


3) Have you ever walked out of a movie?


4) Which actor have you respected most in your life?


5) Which of Shakespeare’s plays has impressed you? Why?


6) Have your children (or you) been in a play? Tell.


7) What movie have you seen lately? Tell.


A) I saw a pretty good French film yesterday, but I can’t pronounce the name.


B) Yes, many times in university. I really

enjoyed musicals at the time.


C) Yes. I went to a horror movie once. I left

after 10 minutes.


D) Yes. In high school… I put my arm around

her. I don’t remember the movie’s name.


E) Jack Nicholson, especially in One Flew

Over the Cuckoo 's Nest.


F) It was “The Tempest”. It really entertained my imagination. I like Caliban.


G) My older daughter just played a bad sister in Cinderella at school.





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