~ Contents ~ Vocabulary ~ Topic 16 ~ Aging Gracefully ~

Section One: Structure ~ Future: Two Forms ~


1) Example one: Use will + present verb to talk about facts or predictions.


Q) Who will help me move tomorrow?


A1) The whole family will help you.

A2) I won’t (help). I have to work.


2) Example two Use going to + present verb to talk about plans.


Q) What are you going to do this weekend?


A1) I’m going to have a party. Please come.

A2) I’m not going to do anything. I’m tired.


Note: There are many cases when both forms may be used.

Native speakers often do not follow the above “rules”.


Discussion questions:


1) Are you going to travel somewhere after you retire? Tell.


2) Will many people run out of money after retirement? Explain.


3) Are you going to rent or own property in retirement? Explain.


4) Where will you eat when you are too old to cook? Tell.


5) What will be enjoyable when you are in retirement?


6) What will the economy be like when you are retired?


7) How are you going to keep yourself busy when you retire? Tell.


8) Do you want to retire? What does “retirement” really mean… and


9) Why will you or why won’t you consider yourself “retired”.


10) Which is more important to you, health or money? Explain.

Section Two: Vocabulary Self Study ~ Aging Gracefully ~

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TLW ~ Pre to Intermediate ~ Lesson 16

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures ~


1) In section one , briefly talk about the structure, then take turns asking and answering the questions.


2) Next, create new questions using the structure and/or the vocabulary list in section two.


3) After that, match the questions and answers in the third section. Explain and discuss your choices.


4) Finally, select and answer any of these questions in your own way/from your own experiences.


5) Take fair turns. Include as many students as possible. Create your own questions from any source.

Section Three: Aging Gracefully ~ Matching ~



~ Match the questions with the answers below: Discuss your choices ~



1) What do elderly people do for fun in

your country?


2) Do you know any elderly people with a youthful outlook?


3) Do you think people become more

spiritual as they get older?


4) Do you ever think about the “afterlife”? Is there one?


5) What kind of diet is recommended in old age? Explain.


6) Do you know anyone who has had a stroke or heart attack? Tell.


7) Do you want to live to be one hundred? Explain.


A) Yes. It’s natural to be curious about death, but I don’t know what happens.


B) Sure. Many seniors I know are very cheerful

and bright-minded.


C) I guess vegetables and fruit. Food that’s

easy to digest is best.


D) Some play board games like chess. Others

enjoy dance classes.


E) Yes. A friend of mine has lost the function

of her left arm.


F) Don’t know. Obviously, it depends on my health and financial condition.


G) It depends on the person. Some may be content being less spiritual.





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